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Neuropsychological Assessment System
The Meyers Neuropsychological System integrates neuropsychological tests into a modified
Rohling Interpretive Method (RIM) statistical approach
combined with a profile matching approach.
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The Meyers Neuropsychological System
Comes with a database of 8000 subjects with 70+ comparison groups identified.
The MNB was developed by
John E. Meyers, Psy.D., ABN, ABPdN
Clinical Neuropsychologist
in response to clinical and practice needs.

The Meyers Neuropsychological System

This system of neuropsychological assessment is not dependent upon any specific battery of tests. Rather, the system involves the integration of a modified Rohling Interpretive Method (RIM), and a profile matching approach. By using these two methods combined, the clinician has additional information that can help with diagnosis and treatment.

The Meyers Neuropsychological System software allows the clinician to:

  • Perform complex statistical calculations and analysis with a simple click of a button. Compare profiles of patient groups with your individual patient and overlay various comparison groups and see the statistical matches between patient and the comparison groups.
  • Add their own choice of tests, with 1000 cognitive tests and 1000 personality tests able to be added simply and easily.
  • Add their own personal tests, create their own scales, altered domains, tables, graphs and charts all with a simple click of the button.
  • Create a report shell that can be automatically populated based on the rules and writing style of the clinician.
  • Perform comparisons over time using a test retest paradigm with a reliable change index.
  • With the use of  built-in tests as part of the comparison database, make comparisons with groups of different diagnostic categories such as traumatic brain injury, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and so forth.
  • Even without use of the built-in tasks, the clinician is still able to make comparisons on the domain level with a battery of tests that the clinician would like to use.
  • The MNB/MNS is a windows based system that will run on any Windows platform.  Mac users will need to install a windows emulator to run the software on a Mac.


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