The Meyers Neuropsychological Battery
Neuropsychological Assessment Battery
The Meyers Neuropsychological Battery integrates neuropsychological tests into a modified Rohling Interpretive Method (RIM) statistical approach combined with a profile matching approach.
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The Meyers Neuropsychological System
Comes with a database of 10,000 subjects with 90+ comparison groups identified.
The MNB was developed by
John E. Meyers, Psy.D., ABN, ABPdN
Clinical Neuropsychologist
in response to clinical and practice needs.

This test measures a patient’s abstraction or concept formation ability, flexibility in the face of complex and novel problem solving, and capacity to learn from experience.

Available with up to four test versions:

“Victoria Version” containing 89 items
The “Full Version (Classic)” containing 208 items
The “Intermediate Version” containing 83 Items
The “Aeromedical Version” containing 120 Items

DASHBOARD! is a computer-based platform for administering almost any neuropsychological test.

Test using a laptop with a monitor and a couple of small items.

The Psychometric DASHBOARD! allows you to time and score as tests are given. This facilitates faster scoring times and greatly reduces the amount of testing materials needed to transport to hospitals and between different offices. 

John Meyers, Psy.D., ABN is the founder of Meyers Neuropsychological Services, with 30 years of clinical experience which spans private practice, hospital based practice and practice within the Department of Defense (DOD). The software provided by Meyers Neuropsychological Services is designed to make the daily practice life of the neuropsychologist easier and more productive; so the neuropsychologist can spend their time on important things like patient care instead of making spreadsheets of results or doing the statistics by hand. There are several software offerings, which all are easy to use and extremely helpful to the clinician or researcher.

The Meyers Neuropsychological Battery (MNB) is a core battery of common Neuropsychological tests that allow easy data collection, statistical analysis and comparisons with known diagnostic groups.  The MNB also has a customizable report generator to assist with report writing.  The user can add 1000 of their own tests and norms if desired. The MNB is the core battery of tests that come with the software, plus the user can add 1000 of their own tests.  The MNB uses a modified Rohling Interpretive Method (RIM), and a profile matching approach, discriminant functions, and other statistical processes.  By using these methods, the clinician has additional information that can help with diagnosis and treatment.

Category Test is a suite of tests that include the Adult Category Test Victoria Version, (age 16+), Intermediate Category (age 9-15), Young Child (age 5-8), Full Category (age 16+), and AeroMed Category (age 16+).  All versions of the Category test will easily transfer data into the MNB.

Questionnaire provides administration of the Patient Competency Rating Scale, Post Traumatic Checklist 5, Social Readjustment Scale, Pain Severity Rating, and Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory. Administration can be through a second screen for tele-neuropsychological assessment, or an attached tablet which allows the use of a touch screen. Questionnaires results can be imported in to the MNB, or viewed in a spreadsheet.

Dashboard (DB!) is a dynamic program designed to administer most neuropsychological tests via a second screen using Zoom or any other second screen method. The DB! uses PowerPoint slides to present the data to the second screen. The test administration is viewed by the evaluator on the primary screen and times and scores are recorded with a simple click or key stroke. The results of the evaluation using the DB! will seamlessly import into the MNB.

ANAM Clinical Interpretation Report (ACIR) program is an interpreting program used with the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM) for the Expanded version of the ANAM. The ANAM is purchased separately from Vista LifeSciences. The ACIR provides two interpretive reports, one for the test taker and a clinical report for the Neuropsychologist. Specific reports are selected by the clinician for TBI/Rehabilitation/Physician Evaluation/Special Warfare Operator evaluation.


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