This ANAM Clinical Interpretation Report (ACIR) is a detailed clinical report for The Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM).  The ACIR application does not administer the ANAM tests, but only generates a detailed supplementary report that contains additional interpretative data, graphs, tables and comparison groups not available in the traditional ANAM printed report.  The clinician can select military or civilian norms and customize the report based on the purpose of the assessment.  Comparison groups are automatically presented along with their statistical comparison matches.  A detailed clinical report is presented and a report suitable for giving directly to the patient is also provided. 

Watch a demonstration of the ANAM Clinical application

The ANAM Test System may be purchased at Vista Life Sciences. Purchase the Expanded ANAM Mil Version which will work for military or civilian assessments.

The ACIR application is available in Mac and Windows versions.  Program is not transferable.  

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