Questionnaire is very helpful software application that administers the questionnaires that are part of the Meyers Neuropsychological Battery (MNB).  Questionnaires can be administered through any second screen method.  The second screen can be an iPad or Android Tablet (using a second screen emulator such as Spacedesk), or any other second screen will also work. 

The clinician selects the questionnaires to administer, and the subject can respond directly on a touch screen or with a mouse click.  The results of all the questionnaires given are presented in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format that can be exported to Excel and will also import into the MNB.  Results can be easily provided to another neuropsychologist when needed for legal cases.  Each individual question and response is presented in the test results. 

Questionnaire will administer:

  • Pain Severity Rating
  • Social Readjustment Scale
  • Patient Competency Rating form (Self)
  • Patient competency Rating form (Other/Family)
  • Post Traumatic Checklist 5 (PCL-5)
  • Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory (NSI). 

Watch a demonstration of the Questionnaire application

The Questionnaire application is available in Mac and Windows versions. Note:  Questionnaire is not transferable.    

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